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With a proven ability to inspire a higher level of performance, Patricia has had award-winning piano students at competitions and student invitations to selective master classes and conservatories. She has taught at schools of music associated with the University of Southern Maine, Albion College (Albion, Michigan), Eastern Michigan University and is now director of the Kneisel Hall Maine Young Musicians Program, an outreach program of the famous summer chamber music festival.

"My years spent with Dr. Stowell are of great value; she has a remarkable gift for articulating musical ideas, as well as a versatile approach to the piano. Her encouragement and unique imagination are a true inspiration. It's rare to find a teacher with such enthusiasm and dedication. Through Dr. Stowell's teaching, I became familiar with a wide range of repertoire and styles of playing. Not only does she have a passion for the piano repertoire, but also for opera, orchestral, choral and chamber music. Her profound sensitivity and love for music is admirable. I will forever cherish our student/ teacher relationship." — Erika Allen, graduate student from New England Conservatory

“After 45 years of playing 'at the piano' all of my previous efforts have been brought into focus by (Dr.) Patty Stowell. The development of my technical skills and techniques has accelerated under her guidance and every session is laced with an historical perspective that is motivating and enlightening. The atmosphere she provides enables the emotion, feelings, and true beauty of the music to be realized.” — Adult student Carl Freeman, businessman

"…Patty wants her students to be the best they can be. She cares about her students learning on the piano. She teaches good technique and makes piano lessons very enjoyable. Patty is a very accomplished pianist, and really good at teaching it too. For example, she’ll give me a really hard piece I’d think I could never play. Then, as if by magic, Patty helps teach it to me, and I learn it.“ — Nine-year-old student Tatum Wilson

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